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Northpoint Elementary School
50800 Cherry Rd, Granger, IN 46530

Phone:  574-271-8598
Fax:  574-968-6003

Lorraine White, Principal
Lindsay Schirripa, Assistant to the Principal
Barb Colborn, Secretary/Treasurer
Lynn Killelea, Office Aide

P-H-M District Contacts

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Board of School Trustees, 574-258-9570
Donna Humes, Administrative Assistant to the Board of School Trustees

Office of the Superintendent, 574-258-9595
Dr. Jerry Thacker, Superintendent of Schools
Dawn Bachtel, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Business Services, 574-258-9522
Aaron Leniski, Chief Operating Officer
Jerry Hawkins, Executive Director of Business Services
Lisa Zachary, Administrative Assistant to the Associate Superintendent

Learning Division, 574-258-9588
Dr. Heather Short, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Carolyn Palonis, Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent
Dr. Jayson Snyder, Director of Talent Acquisition & Development

Human Resources, 574-258-9571
Mike Lureman, Director of Human Resources
Tammy Gizewski, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Human Resources
Lyndsey Smith, Benefits Coordinator

Technology, 574-258-2829
Matt Hapke, Director of Information and Technology
Marsha Hudak, Administrative Assistant Secretary

Communications, 574-259-7941
Lucha Ramey, Director of Communications
Joe Fratena, Multimedia Producer

Community Education, 574-258-9568
Jenny Forkner, Community Ed. Coordinator/Communications Admin. Secretary

Food Service, 574-254-2814
Jill Riggs, Director of Food Service
Mary Gilliam, Asst. Director of Food Service
Lori Thielka, Administrative Secretary

Facilities, 574-258-959566
Joe Winters, Director of Facilities
Debbie Casper, Administrative Secretary
John Corban
, Assistant Director of Facilities

Safety and Security, 574-258-9551
Mike Seger, Director of Safety and Student Services
Jan Lassus, Office Assistant

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